This Master thesis contains an information website on the World Wide Web, which describes a method of learning/teaching which goes under the name of Problem-Based Learning. This method is based on use of discussions, and search for information and knowledge to solve real-world problems. The goal of the method is to strengthen self-directed learning and to prepare the students for tackling and solving complex problems. Various types of problems are covered, but the problems must be of the type where students can use their existing knowledge, but where at the same time it’s possible to encourage critical thinking, which then leads to further learning. The information site provides detailed information about Problem-Based Learning, its origins and development. It also contains information and useful advice for teachers which are preparing to use Problem-Based Learning as well as information for their students. The goal of the information site is to allow teachers and other people interested in different teaching methods to access all the required information in one place. For that purpose it references many other resources where teachers can get more information about Problem-Based Learning from leading schools and institutions around the world.

The thesis is supported by an exposition, which is also stored as part of the information website, and which contains further information about the main attributes and goals of Problem-Based Learning. The exposition discusses the ideology and theory, progress and research related to Problem-Based Learning; and also points out topics that concern the pedagogical significance of this method.